Park Rules

No one likes hearing about rules, but our campsite rules are created with you in mind, and help to ensure that everyone on-site has the best possible experience. 

Opening times will be displayed at Reception. When Reception is closed an emergency contact number for the Site Manager will be displayed on the door.

Pitches are available from noon on the day of your arrival. You are requested to vacate your pitch by 12 noon on your day of departure. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact Reception before 10.00 am on your expected departure date. Permits issued at Reception must be on display at all times.

Please note that due to fire regulations you must pitch at least three paces away from anyone else. If this rule is not adhered to you may be asked to re-pitch.

4.Speed Limit
The speed limit on-site for all vehicles, including bikes, is 5mph. As there are often young children playing, we ask you to take special care when driving on-site.

Allowed on Riverbank pitches only, and using dry, well seasoned logs which we supply at reception – no coal or flammable fuels such as petrol may be used. Barbecues and small fires may be lit elsewhere provided they are raised off the ground and are in a suitable container. We sometimes have fire pits to rent out.
Please ensure that smoke and fumes do not annoy other site users.

We make every effort to keep the site facilities clean and tidy and ask for your assistance in maintaining this standard by using the refuse and recycling bins and chemical disposal points provided, and by leaving all facilities clean after use. Recycling bags are available at reception. Please take any large items to the recycling centre in Dolgellau (on your left as you enter the town from the direction of Dolgamedd).

If you are expecting any visitors, please be reminded that they should report to Reception and pay according to the duration of their stay. It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors adhere to Park rules. Any unwelcome visitors will be asked to leave.

Please respect other campers.
Loud music is unfair, causes problems and is no longer allowed.
Keep noise to a minimum during the hours of darkness with absolute quiet between 11pm and 8am.
Use of unlawful drugs on these premises is a criminal offence and will lead to termination of your stay.
Fireworks and Firearms are not permitted.

9.Ejection on Grounds of Behaviour
We are entitled to eject anyone who:
Persistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other users of the Park.
Anyone who breaks the park rules.
Anyone who behaves unreasonably towards our staff or us.
Anyone who is guilty of a criminal offence.

10.General Safety
Please be aware of a dangerous steep cliff by the old railway bridge in the woods.
You will find fire extinguishers in prominent places around the site, please make yourself aware of where these are located.
Any ropes swings left by campers on the riverbank are not our responsibility.

Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.
No skateboards, roller-skates, micro scooters or quad bikes.
Soft balls only and please avoid playing near caravans.
If you ask your children to take items to the bins, please make sure they know the difference between the recycling and the general refuse bins – and STRICTLY NO DOG MESS IN THE RECYCLING BINS!

Dogs are permitted at our discretion and individual consent must be sought. Permission may be withdrawn if the animal is a nuisance.
They must be kept on a lead at all times and you must clean up any mess.
No dangerous breeds.

No noisy quad bikes, trial bikes or scooters.
You are not permitted to give driving lessons on the Park.
Re: driving from your tent to the toilet block: we encourage the use of legs. Walking is good for you.
No bikes without lights after dark.

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